My Metal Soulmate..
Jan 03, 2016 - by 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I found your site May of 2012 after a long term relationship ended. I set out to find my metal soulmate it was my quest. I had met a lot of great guys on your site and while they were not my soulmates I kept searching. Aug.24,2014 I got a wink so I checked out his page and thought wow he is sexy. I sent him a text through the site we chatted that night and I thought to myself he is awesome. The more we chatted the more we found that we in fact were soulmates..OMG my search is over and I have Metaldating to thank.. Because you keep the site free for an amount of time is why I stayed.. Mario and I want to truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.. To anyone out there searching for your Metal Soulmate they are there just dont give up...We are bouth glad we never did.. We both joined in 2012 and it took 2 yrs for each of us to find the other.. Again Metaldating THANK YOU and I will forever promote your site to my single metal friends looking...

-> Sent by a female user from United States