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From the frozen wastelands of Quebec, established in LA since 2008 to pursue a professional opportunity. Yeah, never loved winter so much! Besides metal (primarily black and death), I like varied things, like Heilung, Lustmord, Arcana, Sixx AM, Beastie Boys. I have a one-man band project that I'm really passionate about, but this is just a hobby. I'm nerdy, I like D&D, espresso, good food. And I'm kink friendly :oLooking for long term relationship. I'm interested in finding someone who's mature, humble, curious to try new things, feels comfortable in their own skin and head, has a good handle on their shit from the past. Bonus points for tattoos :)Something you should know about me: unless you count sugar as an addiction, I'm clean. No alcohol or other substances. I'll do concerts, restaurants, and bistros, and bars and breweries if there's some kind of special events.Anyway that's the short summary! Looking forward to meet ya.
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