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Hi, I’m Shahd, Arabic for Honey/Honeycomb. I'm Saudi Arabian and I currently live in seaside Jeddah. I’m part Arab, part Bukhari/Uzbek, part Dagestani, part Chinese, and part Indian. I grew up a third culture kid in the East and West coasts of Africa, mainly Cameroon and Kenya, and also lived in Mexico and Bangladesh. I’m an adventurous person and I love traveling, but I’d to settle down somewhere where I can dig in my roots. Although I’m easily adaptable and social, I’m generally quiet-natured and I like my own company. I appreciate art, especially film and music, and I’m little bit of a creative myself. I love kids and animals deeply. I have a wicked sense of humor and I like funny people, but I'll also be there when the laughter stops. I value my femininity and I'm attracted to a gentle soul that knows how to preserve it. IG: gwtsin
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AA,  Saudi Arabia
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