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I am a kind soul embracing her divine feminine, a constant learner exploring and enjoying the very best of this physical experience and who happens to love animals, metal, gigs and life in every way. I am a very cool woman, thoughtful, warm, kind, considerate and very passionate and loving. I enjoy silence and solitude, I like to read, drink tea, pet my cat, spend time with my family and friends, but I guess what I enjoy the most is watching anime with my daughter, she has the sickest sense of humor and I love it. Attend to metal gigs and the sense of freedom I get when I drive my car are two things that make me feel alive. I love hiking and camping, I do it as often as I can. I'm not fond of cities, so I run away every chance I get, I prefer small towns or outdoors. I do a lot of meditation and although I profess no religion, I am very spiritual. I perform energy healing ceremonies every now and then but that is not how I make my living. I have a regular job and I like it. Although my life is great as it is and I am a whole person, I do want to wake up to the sight of my man. I've been single for a long while, discovering beauty in the oddest of places and situations, but also becoming aware of who I really am, where I come from and my purpose here. It would be lovely to have someone to share this with and I look forward to it. I'm looking for a kind soul that has healed the wounds from his past, rooted to his divine masculine, evolving and enjoying this delicious physical experience.
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Monterrey,  Nuevo Leon,  Mexico
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