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Metal was hugely important in my life growing up and remains central to my personality; while I appreciate almost any genre of music it is generally what I predominately listen to.I was a hardcore gamer back in the day although I don’t play nearly as much I use to.What interests me tends to fluctuate a lot, depending on the time of year, my mood, what’s going on the world.I can have a very dark sense of humor, and enjoy comedy that pushes the boundaries of what is commonly considered to be ‘socially acceptable’. Nothing really phases me anymore and I don’t get offended easily.I find it pointless to stress about pointless things or what other people are doing - as long as you are not directly impacting me in a negative way I say go for it. Life is far too short and the universe far too big to argue about absurd, meaningless things.I consider myself pretty open-minded, and am always open to new experiences.
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