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Indie Video Game Dev & Creative Writer Insta: @ajanejk- Magical Girl + Cyberpunk/Futuristic Aesthetic - Also enjoy Lolita and Goth aesthetics- Anime - JRPGs- Sci Fi + Fantasy- Music (Favorite band has been MCR since 16)- TechArtistic single PARENT (have my kids half the time) and storyteller looking for an impossible soft-hearted and sensitive artistic magical boi to her magical girl. As whimsical as I am, I am blunt, sarcastic and teasing, so the weak of heart need not apply. Although I'm kind-hearted, understanding and tolerant, I'm tired af of flaky ppl. I don't do f-bois, casual, or ANYTHING lightly, as I put all my effort only into what is worth my time. If you aren't willing to do LDR, it shows your lack of commitment ? I'm really nice and friendly though so as long as you're serious and not here to waste my time, please feel free to message me, or you'll never know!
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Orlando,  United States
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