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Lmao! Now that I'm a man I guess people might expect my gender performance to be a shitty cover of Wonderwall- whatever, close enough! I'm Nonbinary and trans so not like this ISN'T a daily thing anymore, I just identify more masculine on account of I really fuckin' tried to act like a woman for 28 years and nah, that shit just literally isn't me and never will be. I've spent my lifetime contemplating life, death, and what else might be- I really enjoy abstract and conceptual thinking and I deeply enjoy deconstructing concepts psychologically. Life becomes a lot easier the less you take things personally and the more you realize that we don't live a world of realities but in a world of perceptions and preconceived notions. Self discovery is probably the MOST important aspect for me. I cannot handle people who are unwilling to introspect and reflect beyond the physical world. Who taught you to think a certain way? What is it like to wake up for the first time without ever having been asleep? I have a bad habit of being a mesmerizing speaker when I'm animated and it has rather consistent side effect of causing friends to start reading messages and text in my voice after too long. I suppose that kind of passion is just infectious as heck. I'm a brain hacker and a modification freak, I like the idea of the brain and body being specific hardware that is programmable and I pursue a vast number of topics in relation to that. I'm not trying to be anyone, I'm just trying to heal and be happy. I'd rather be supportive, I'd rather show up and be present. I'd rather be the best version of me possible. I had to reconcile that I am in fact the most important person in my life because I'm the only person actually living it. That means I deserve my patience even if no one else will give me theirs, and I want the people around me to believe this of themselves as well. I feel like humanity has gone utterly insane within the machinations we've built for ourselves and people have forgotten that it wasn't always this way. Something happened to make things this way and people made choices about it, if I'm not actively choosing for myself then who is?
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