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I’m a big fan of power metal, but I also like symphonic metal, some progressive metal, and I love female fronted bands. I’m not your typical metalhead; I don’t drink, smoke or vape, so you won’t find me at a bar on the weekends, but I really enjoy concerts - even though I haven’t been to many recently. I love nature and all of the amazing animals of this world - especially big cats, but I don't mind being at home. I work at home, and I get through 50 CDs a week while working. Yes - I still buy and listen to physical CDs. I’m also a fan of medieval-era and fantasy shows/movies, and I regularly watch shows like Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, Spartacus, and so on. My favorite movie has always been Braveheart, but I like a lot of medieval-era/fantasy movies - even if they’re in a different language and subtitled. If you’re still reading, know that I’m an honest and caring man, with not only a strong passion for metal, but for people I care about as well.
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