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---Why is the text so packaged? I can't sort it out properly.^^---(Google translate) ^^"Search black sheep for otherness : )You can't put me in a drawer at all. Starting with the music. Because I don't just listen to music in the direction of metal, but also classical or electro. Sometimes I just take a yellow sack outside and pick up plastic waste as I walk along dirt roads or into forests. Nature and animals are very important to me. I have absolutely nothing to do with capitalism and fascism in any form. "Live and let live. But what I am against is the obligation to wear masks and "social-distancing". The very expression "social distancing" should make you think. It's not about "Corona," but about much more...Now some will have left the profile, but I don't think that's bad. I have always been different from what society has "prescribed". I always stand by my opinion and see mistakes even when I have made them. I am absolutely not looking for riots, but I would stand up for my rights and fight for them! I have a very high sense of justice.It all sounds so extreme, even though I'm not at all. ^^ I am a very calm and calm person. I like to cuddle and need a lot of security. I would also describe myself as sensitive, loving, honest, thoughtful, empathetic and protective. You should never feel like I've done anything wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and they are human. One should always learn from these.In the forest, in nature I feel totally at it. I enjoy the peace, the peace there and can just switch off and charge my battery. I wouldn't call myself a believer, but I think there has to be a higher way of life. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to nature and the universe.I've always been interested in what's out there in the universe. My dream job would have been to be on the Enterprise and explore the universe. ^^ But I might as well be looking for series and movies. :) I like to laugh and humour is very important to me. You should bring that with you, no matter how introverted you are. If you can't laugh and have fun with your partner, it won't last.Describing my humour will probably be quite difficult. I just need a few words that trigger something and zack, I spontaneously knock out some funny saying. :D I would probably describe my humour as quite dirty, black, flat and ambiguous. I can also laugh at myself and have no problems with making myself a monkey. ^^ As I have already written, I am very thoughtful. I think about issues that are not relevant at all, but I just have to think about them. I like to philosophize about things that you can't describe directly. I like to put forward theories to see if they might be true.And yes, I believe in extraterrestrial life and also in the fact that we were visited several thousand years ago. Almost every God is worshipped "in heaven". That Moses alone is said to have made a three-day ascension and ascended to heaven with a "companion"... ^^ At that time everything was called "divine", which could not be explained.Or just the idea that the universe is spreading ever further. What's behind the edge of the universe? You may be able to identify with these things. :) I also like: Nature Mountains Universe Spirituality unexplicable things deep conversations Hiking / long walks minimalism Cats Gaming -sensitive and profound eyes
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