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Hello People in ApoCOVIDlypse Central of Melbourne and elsewhere :D I find Online Dating to be akin to eating a broken glass and razor blades sandwich = excruciatingly torturous (Joking :D, mostly!) However, my motto is "fall down seven times, get up eight" (from the Japanese proverb "Nana korobi ya oki" for perseverance; persistence; and resilience). No unrealistic expectations nor am I in a hurry to jump into a relationship, but I remain hopeful and optimistic about finding someone who I can enjoy a lot of laughter with; share similar interests and ideals; and someone who just gets it - because there is no expiration date for finding real love, passion and joy with someone right for you. The legendary Joe Strummer said it best, "The future is unwritten"... Worst case scenario, I can simply add online dating disasters to my list of hobbies, it's not like there isn't time to become a master at it, since COVID-19 obliterated my job! Perhaps I will make a friend or two along the journey :) I am happily multi-tattooed, multi-pierced and have some tasteful scarification too. I am fit and healthy with a natural hourglass figure (which I love, so haters can go feck off!) and I am fakery free - no hair extensions; Botox; fillers; or any of that freaking fake shite! I choose to focus on mindfulness; compassion; and gratitude, so I look for the few positives of COVID-19 - which for me are: having ample time to be prolifically creative; exploring all my intellectual and artistic endeavours; finding additional ways to help and be of use to people in my community and those who are marginalised and in need; and working on my new online business - that's my silver lining in this grim situation. What's your silver lining? Incidentally, I am rather a Renaissance woman - I have extremely diverse and eclectic interests and pursuits, everything from Art to Zoology :D true though ;), but please don't be scared of or put off by that! My taste in music embraces everything from punk; Goth; metal; industrial; ska; rockabilly; psychobilly; hardcore; post punk; dark drum and bass; grunge; indie; gypsy; Northern Soul and pretty much everything in between, I have a genuine passion for music that resonates with me and I don't limit my listening preferences. Equally, I have an intense love affair with all manner of art and creativity - I am a working artist after all! I am also easy going, compassionate, I dearly love to laugh and I have a taste for the quirky and absurd, particularly in regards to wit; humour; and banter - Bill Bailey, Universal Comedy and Nat's What I Reckon are all on heavy rotation for me :D. [ Random Fun Fact: I am a qualified Archaeologist and Anthropologist :) ] Yes, that is my actual age (I look after myself), but I am not ageist nor bothered by age differences (within reason Lol)! Btw, have you ever known a woman over 30yrs old to wilfully put her age up? And yourself, it's your turn now, please tell me all about you :)
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