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Hi there! I love heavy metal. It is my passion and rejuvenates my soul! I love to listen to thousands of record albums for hours on end. I am mostly involved in 80's metal - yeah i'm stuck in the 80's lol!! I love boating, hiking, camping, tubing, fishing, and all sports. I love to travel and go to new places and explore them. I also love the paranormal, the supernatural, UFO's, aliens, conspiracy theories, talking about the Bildenberg Group, and the Illuminati! I love horror movies the most, then suspense and thrillers, and finally, comedy. I love stories about haunted places and love to research them. I love going to concerts (it sucks all the concerts got cancelled because of the china disease!), hitting dive bars, bonfire parties, hanging out with friends and family. I do love to hunt and fish, and would like to travel the U.S. sometime in the future going to concerts, and hunting and fishing. If you love metal and would like to discuss bands, hit me up. I can't wait to finally talk with a metal sister!! m/ m/
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Andover,  United States
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