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Serious type of woman, friendly, sweet, caring, and simple. On the other hand, I love adventures and traveling to places. Well, I just love to see new places and bring memories forever. I am seriously and patiently waiting for the man of my life who will make me feel like a princess. People like to communicate with me, ask me for a piece of advice. I am frank and sincere, romantic and sensitive. Actually, I just wish to be created and be loved by a man with good intention. Well, because I do not want to fail and be heartbroken that is why I am slowly taking time to let a man enter my heart and officially give my heart and life to him.A relationship should be based on understanding, respect and of course, love. A match should take care of each other, don't quarrel a lot but sometimes there should be a few quarrels in order to put the zest in the relationship. I'm not looking for external beauty in a man, the inner beauty is more important for me. First of all, a man should be kind, brave, decent and with a sense of humor. A man also with respect to a woman and take care of her. I want to feel like a woman near him.
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