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Imagine if Seinfeld listened to metal... That's kinda what's going on with me - sarcastic, likes to crack jokes, pretty chill, dresses pretty casually (don't wear a lot of black or have long hair or any piercings...anymore), but I'm not Jewish... Not that there's anything wrong with that! ;) I do have a bit of ink. Metal is a huge part of who I am, tho. It's pretty much the only genre of music I listen to - a lot of older shit, tho, like Pantera, Sepultura, White Zombie, Dream Theater, the Big 4. But am a big fan of newer bands (but have still been out a while), like Make Them Suffer, Orbit Culture, As I Lay Dying, COB, JFAC, and Avatar. I could go on... Looking to meet a metal minded woman here because they are few and far between in south FL. Very judgy down here by those in the mainstream, which is practically everyone. And who wants that?? So, if you want to talk some old school metal or even guitar (I used to play), let's connect and see wherever we may roam...
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FORT LAUDERDALE,  FL,  United States
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