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22 years oldPagan ????Biology major ????History lover ????Culture admirier ♥1/3 Native American Apache and 2/3 Southern European I mostly like Death, Doom, Black, NSBM, and Folk. m/*About myself*I'm a 22 year old man pursuing a career in mortuary science. I've been interested in the field since I was 8 years old. When I was 17 I worked my first internship in a post-mortum laboratory. Despite my morbid work I'm warm for the most part and easy to talk to. I abhor the mundane. I'm a talkative man with a lot on his plate of however I'm quite malleable. I'm a pagan to the root. My totem is the bear. The bear is a figure worshipped in both Southern European and Native American lore. I love my culture, heritage, and history. Despite the bloody history between the two sides I celebrate both parts of my blood.If you've read this far then let's delve deeper. As I mentioned I love my heritage, culture, and history. I was born in the US but I pay tribute to Southern Europe and of course Native American culture. I will admit right now.... I'm not a tree hugging or hippy pagan. I want both my cultures to survive and flourish. As a result there are certain positions that I won't back and down from.... Despite this... I'm an intellectual that welcomes messages and conversations from anyone ???? I don't look down or scorn anyone until I get to know them. Why do I mention the above? I've unfortunately experienced meeting people that judge me before they get to know me but.... Who hasn't? ???? In the end, everything is on the table for the right person to notice. Let's have a drink shall we? ????????*Music *For music I'm for the most part into what I like. For Metal of course I mostly like Black, Death, Doom, and Folk. For the content of music I focus on paganism, history, war, religion, and poetry. I like this content since (in my opinion) it provides raw and in your face material. For non Metal I enjoy classical, opera, early rock, hard rock, and Folk (non-Metal Folk).
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