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Why the hell not. Hey, what's up. Name's Jackie, I mostly just want to hang out here and see what happens. Hoping to make some friends mostly since I fail horribly at romance. But if something sparks I guess I'll see where it goes? I'd like to be right out front with my sexuality tho. I'm Demisexual and Panromantic. Prepare the google if you aren't familiar with these terms, or use them as conversation starters. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) Enough about that. ONTO THE MUSIC. My all time favorite band is Lordi. And I enjoy the fuck out of these bands: Megadeth, System Of A Down, Arkona, Iced Earth, Poisonblack, Sabaton, Battle Beast, Disturbed, GWAR, StaticX, Dream Evil, Manowar, Ronnie James DIO, JUST to name a few. Been to a few metal concerts too, I don't go very often because I get socially worn out fast. And if I'm not a huge fan of the band I don't have as much fun. But I've seen Lordi live and GWAR live and had a great fucking time. About me? I work at a dental lab making fake teeth during the week. Then in my free time I like to draw some fun shit like cartoons or monsters. Also love to be outside and just hang out, walk some trails, kick rocks into the river, chill stuff. I also love the hell out of dumb shit like memes or bad slap stick comedy. I'm also a dork and love Dragon Ball Z and all kinds of 80s/90s anime. Love me some 80s/90s cartoons too. Just about anything to do with action and adventure and I'm hooked. My favorite lazy pastime is chilling with my ball python Buu and binge watching random shit online.
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