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Hi guys! Idk what I'm supposed to write here so I'll just try.I'm half American half Tunisian living currently in Tunisia but relocating to my home town Brooklyn nextra summer. I listen to pretty much everything but mostly Trash heavy glam and black metal. I also love rock n roll and old school hip hop, really any good music regardless of the genre. I love reading so much that I spent my whole childhood reading and learning languages (not ur typical child lol). I play drums and I'm learning guitar. I've been writing poems and songs since a long time ago but never really had the chance to publish them (that's one side effect of having religious parents haha). I'm into anything weird and unusual like paranormal stuff and whether aliens exist or not (I'm not raiding area 51 tho I don't wanna get shot????) I also love to workout, watch movies, take a swim, anything outdoors.Feel free to add me msg me or whatever.Love
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