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FOR THOSE THAT ACTUALLY READ MY PROFILE BEFORE MESSAGING ME *STARTS TEARING UP* YALL THE REAL MVP!!! SNAP CHAT : vvtangelavv I present to you meeeeeeee! Standing at 5'2 and counting (yes I'm still growing and don't dare try to tell me otherwise ?) Weighing 215 lbs and shrinking ( yes. I'm hugeee .*Gasp*.. Scary right ) Displaying tattoos piercings and stretched ears ( with a rebel yell she cried more more more ) Exuding intelligence and sarcasm :-) . Well this is awkward..let's see...I'm a great person! :-)... I love people I love animals , I love animals more. I'm honest and a bit quirky I'm very silly but I know when to reel it in lol. Tattooed ..pierced.. and very much enjoy the Gothic/ Alternative scene. With that being said I also enjoy the urban scene as well so I live an eclectic lifestyle. I enjoy laughing having fun pizza and wine yummm lol.... I don't sing in the shower I perform ... Needless to say I'm a natural entertainer ... I'm the most traditional non traditional person you will ever meet .. Hahahah..big family and very family oriented . WWE WRESTLING fanatic .... ! Disney Chanel is my jam !!! "Don't judge me "
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