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I'm an Irish guy living in Västerås. I'd like to meet a lady who enjoys life. Someone who is happy chilling out at home and rocking up the occasional storm on a night out. I'm into all types of metal but I really enjoy mid 80s till mid 90s metal give me anything by Preist, Maiden, Bathory, Napalm Death and I'm a happy guy. I like all types of music, a listen to a fair bit of 60s 70s Soul, Hip-Hop and electronic music too. I like to keep fit, im very into cinema. I like 70s genre cinema most, Russ Meyer, Dario Argento, Paul Naschy etc float my boat. I like to read, mainly biographies and poplular science . Ill update more in a bit. I cant wait to hear from you!....echo....echo.....echo!
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AA,  Sweden
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