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Hi my name's Chris, I'm 5ft 11 (6ft 1 with my beloved New Rocks on) have tattoos & would love more..I'm new to this site, I'm quite shy truth be told, but once I get comfortable talking/meeting then I'm not so much I'm into allkinds of rock/metal/goth & so obviously far too many bands to list lol...My dress sense is mostly black lol...although I do like to mix it with winter army camo on the odd occasion...I love visiting places & going to gigs/concerts etc & would love to go ghost hunting.I like playing games on the console now & again, watching movies & stuff, I drink socially & I smoke.As for what I'm looking for...I'm looking for my Dark Princess to love/cherish & enjoy life with really, simple as that & for her I'm willing to travel. If there's anything you want to know/ask or simply chat, then fire away, I won't bite...unless ofcourse you want me to! ;-)
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