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I am an easy going tolerant individual, I love to talk but not a talkative. I am a good listener and chip in some good advice in the process. I am strong, confident focused loving and undestanding . I am also funny and caring and it always lightens up my heart if I put a smile on someones face. I love my life at the moment. It's just missing one final ingredient to make it perfect. I hope I find that here. I need love in my life. I am looking for someone to cherish as my and mine only. Someone to love and hold dear to my heart. I am looking for a soul mate. Someone who would love me back a 100%. Because I would put in my all to make that special person very happy. i hate games and drama and will love to meet someone who is ready to work so much in a relationship as me
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bltimore,  maryland,  United States
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