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Well, I like memes and cats, quite a bit. And doggos and dangerous noodles and birbs and all kinds of animals really, so I guess it's not a surprise I'm a vegan (but I eat trash, this healthy lifestyle ain't for me).I don't really have life, especially the social one. I don't have Snapchat/Instagram/whatever. I used to listen to a lot of black metal, but now I also like to suffer to other sounds. I still wear black almost all the time, even if it means I gotta die from heat stroke. I have two amazing meowy bois, both red, both middle-aged, both very snuggable and lovable.I overuse the word 'boi'. And 'bois'. And some boring stuff - I'm a frontend developer, but I was *that* close from becoming a lawyer - I almost finished law studies. No regrets tho.
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Cracow,  Poland
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