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I am a 36 year old widow looking for someone to hang out with, date and hopefully a relationship to come after. I desribe myself as an eclectic person. I dont have one set style that I stick to. I'm a little of everything. I'm a little girly but also a little goth, a bit of a pervert, a little tomboyish, a little bit of nerd, etc. In short, I'm Me. I'm my own unique style. I have so many different interests and I like trying new things. So I can get along with different types of people. I'm an animal lover and I own a dog and cat. Music is big passion of mine. I love to go to concerts and I have quite a large cd and music memorabilia collection. I like a little of just about every genre but rock/metal is my biggest love. Especially rock bands from the 80s and early 90s. Another big hobby is crafting. Painting ceramics and card making are my 2 big ones but I dabble at a bunch of different things. Some other activities I enjoy are going for drinks and playing darts. I enjoy video games and I like playing them but I'm terrible at them and enjoy watching people play them. I like to learn the history about videos games too. I also have an older car that I like to take for a cruise and car shows once in a while. And as you can see in my photos, I love makeup. I don't do my face like that every day but if I'm going out I try to do my face up a bit. I like to paint and my face is another form of canvas. I do my own nails too. Since I am a rocker girl, I have a big thing with guys with longer hair. I have since I was a kid. Because of my rock music passion, I do flock to the musician types a bit. I also like the goth type a little bit too. This doesnt mean that they are strict requirements however I do really hope to find somone with the music passions as I do since its a big love in my life. If you ended up getting this far reading about me and are still interested I just want to say, please no more games. I'm tired of being used, lied to, not good enough, and ditched. Be upfront with me. If you are seeing other girls/playing the field, tell me, dont hide it. Don''t be there acting like we are dating and I am so great but then are actually dating someone else. I dont want to be a side piece. I''ve been burned too many times. I lost my husband in April, I dont need anymore heartbreak and stress.
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