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I love music, it has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in the 70's listening to Kiss and Zeppelin, and Motely Crue and Metallica in the 80's. I am looking to build a relationship with someone that appreciates music the way I do and being a fan of the same type of music would not hurt. I love to drive with windows down and the music loud. Texas evenings/nights are the best.I am a single parent of two. One still at home, in high school. I work a lot and for fun I like to go to concerts, travel, travel to see concerts, shop and occasionally ride my motorcycle. Some of my favorite bands in no particular order are; Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Rush, Maiden, RHCP, Chevelle, Alt-J, Coast Modern, Incubus, Beck, Kiss (the old stuff), Pink Floyd, and Jefferson Starship GOLD has been a favorite of mine since I had the 8 track in the early 80's. I enjoy classic rock, 80's metal, 90's metal, and surprisingly, I like alternative music as well as some indie pop. I am not into death metal.
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FLOWER MOUND,  TX,  United States
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