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I'm me, that's all I can really say. I'm hard to describe because I'm ever-changing depending on my mood. I'm a single mom of a 7 yr. old little monster. She's my world and the reason for my lack of sanity. I'm kind of artsy and nerdy. A little demanding at times. And I guess I'm kind of bitchy. I try to relax and have fun, but stress is hell.I tend to be really shy and quiet at first, I don't speak much until I get or feel comfortable around people. Once you get past all that, I'm such a goofball and a smartass ,though, I'm also told I'm a sweetheart. I love to laugh, joke around, smile and make other people laugh or smile. That's just a slice, there's a whole lot more to me. I love certain video games, I love music and movies. I'm a dork, probably said that. OH, I have a very interesting sense of humor.... I apologize now for that. Hehe.I'm truly an eclectic person, I can't emphasize that enough. You'll see as you work your way through my profile. Most people can't keep up with it, or honestly, hate it. I can only hope to find someone who actually enjoys it.
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Wilmington,  Delaware,  United States
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