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I'm really friendly
I love metal, horror movies, reading, art video games and just hanging out. I usually preferto talk on Kik, snapchat, or skype -less glitchy/slow
I've always had the nickname 'ya know, that stoner girl' and I don't smoke, so I guess I'm just really chill
Slip knot, KoRn, rage against the machine, anthrax, seven dust, I really just listen to whatever sounds good. I also listen to other types of music. modest mouse, james blunt/damian rice, beastie boys, regina spektor
I'm a hellene, and a witch.
I don't have any tattoos currently but id really like to have a lot of them.
Kind of prefer guys with long hair, 19-25 but not really a deal breaker
Currently recovering from a fairly painful break up but trying not to let it effect me much
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AA,  United States
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