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Hello my name is Julia and like most of you on here I'm trying to find a person to have a good relationship with. I'm definitely looking for something more serious and long-term and I don't like to waste my time. I would love to find a man who is also my best friend and who I would look forward to seeing after a long day at work. I do agree that physical attraction is very important in a relationship but it's mental and emotional attraction that will make or break the relationship. I believe in working hard at a relationship that I really care about and not giving up on that person if they show me that they're worth it. Drama, stupidity, arrogance, players, and assholes really turn me off. I'm usually a laid-back kind a girl and my perfect kind a date would be a simple dinner and movie/bowling, and probably just talking and laughing in my car afterwards. I'm also into more extreme type of dates like laser tag, paintball, going shooting (most likely at a gun range),riding a motorcycle (I don't drive one, but I love riding ;), concerts, traveling, water parks, amusement parks,museums etc. when things get more serious I would love to snuggle up to my boyfriend on a rainy day and just watch TV. I don't party a lot. I'd rather go with friends or the man I'm dating to a flea market to look around at the artwork, antiques, and the stuff people have made, and get ice cream or something after. I am currently working part time and studying psychology at my college. money isn't everything,and im not a "gold digger". I prefer good quality time and experience over exotic, expensive dates. I love all kinds of music especially New Age rock, classic rock, some metal, and the good kind of pop music. I love music because it can really relate to your feelings and allow you to express yourself. I love movies, and my favorite tv shows are Metalocalypse and Family Guy, but I try to keep busy and only watch tv on my downtime. When I'm not working or studying, I love movies, art, hanging out with friends, practicing photography, cooking, designing, and just having a good time. I try to always see life in a positive way and I usually have a smile on my face. I tried to not let my past define me or the person I'm dating. Everybody makes mistakes and I try not to hold that against people. However, I do believe that everybody deserves respect if they show they are worthy of it. I also believe that honesty is very important in a relationship and even in general. I'd rather be hurt by the truth then misled by a lie. I love talking to people and learning about them. I believe that honesty and communication is very important in a relationship. I'm just working my hardest right now to be successful and happy with my life, and I would love a great man by my side to do life with. If you would like to know anything more about me please don't hesitate to contact me. I will even provide more pictures if you like!
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Myrtle beach,  South Carolina,  United States
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