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I am nature loving person that loves hiking, camping, traveling and exploring new places and new cultures. I love to read, listen music, watch movies or just spend time with my friends.

Also I love fantasy and could watch 100 times "Hobbit", "Ender's Game" or "Avatar".

What else? Well I am pagan and I love everything related with ancient mythologies, stories, legends and mystical creatures. It's fascinating for me to discover everything about the folklore of another country or culture.

I usually do not look like the typical metal chick as I do not walk around dressed in black all the time, so people are usually shocked when they find out that I am very into hard metal lol.

In my free time I love to do adventurous things like riding a bike, rafting and troley sliding (that thing where you slide on a rope from one rock to another at 50meters above the ground).

If I can resume I love to explore the world with my own senses and enjoy every beautiful thing out there.

Honestly I do not understand that modern thing with the metrosexual appearance and guys shaving themselves all over. I prefer man to look like a man and probably this is why I love long hairs and beards and deep voice (I was in love with Peter Steele when I was teenager lol).
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Sofia,  Bulgaria
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